Kamares Boutique Hotel

The mansion


Kamares Boutique Hotel

Kamares Boutique Hotel is one of the most prestigious mansions in downtown Ioannina. It is located in the historic Shiarava district, outside the castle walls, on Zalokosta Street.

Built in the late 18th century by the Crapsite family, it is one of the few houses saved by the 1820 fire, as the stone masonry of the ground floor reveals. It is considered a masterpiece of traditional architecture as it has all the details of the style of mansions in Ioannina, when the capital of Epirus was at its peak.

Exemplary restored and converted into a Boutique Hotel, retaining all the charming elements of the 18th century, blending harmoniously with the unique mysterious atmosphere that exudes its spaces, turning every visitor's stay into a dreamy journey back in time combined all modern comforts.

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